Human capital: a key performance asset 3/5

by Nov 14, 2019Knowledge Base

Today, we'll be looking at the challenges, the MPC focus and the sources of performance for the organization function of a Human Capital-oriented skills-based management approach.
The challenges of the organization function

This time, it’s a question of determining how Human Capital is deployed, in order to foster complementarities and performance, both individually and collectively.

  • How is the complementarity between individual human assets organized?
  • Is expertise recognized and valued?
  • Is collaboration between teams/departments facilitated/enhanced?
  • What connections exist between top management, middle management and the field?
  • How do managers (at all levels) support their teams?
Articulation between collective and individual levels

human heritage 3

The associated MPC focus
  • Loyalty strategy ;
  • Knowledge management ;
  • Performance management ;
  • Internal communication and information sharing ;
  • Recognition and provision of experts.
Sources of performance

Performance here refers to the notions of continuous improvement and adaptability.

The organization must strike a balance between structuring its internal processes and modes of cooperation, and its ability to evolve as needs change. The construction of short cooperation networks is to be encouraged, as is the culture of feedback.

The fourth part of our series will be devoted to the development function of an MPC based on the development of Human Heritage…

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