Welcome to Skillspotting. We strive to provide you with the best opportunities for professional development. Whether you use our services as an individual or as a company, here’s why and how we process your data.

Introduction and general conditions

Skillspotting (Skillspotting SA, Route de Peney 2 – 1214 Vernier, Geneva – Switzerland, tel: +4122 575 60 20, is committed to protecting your personal information when you use its services. We are committed to ensuring that the use of our services takes place in safe environments that guarantee your privacy and comply with the GDPR. This privacy and cookie policy applies to our use of any personal information we collect from you through the following online services:

  • All Skillspotting websites covered by this privacy and cookie policy
  • Social networks or official content posted by Skillspotting on other websites
  • Apple or Android smartphones and tablets
  • Contact form on the website

This also applies to the use of personal information you provide to us by telephone, SMS, e-mail, chatbot, mail and correspondence as well as in person. In all cases, we respect your privacy and comply with the RGPD.

In order to provide you with the full range of Skillspotting services, we sometimes need to collect information about you.

This privacy and cookie policy explains:

  • What information may Skillspotting collect about you?
  • How Skillspotting uses the information we collect about you
  • When Skillspotting may use your details to contact you
  • If Skillspotting is going to disclose your details to someone else
  • Your choices regarding the personal information you provide
  • The use of cookies on Skillspotting websites and how you can decline cookies

Skillspotting is committed to protecting your personal information in compliance with privacy and the RGPD. Whenever you provide information, we are legally bound to use it in accordance with applicable data protection laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You may contact our DPO at any time at the following address:

If, after contacting us, you feel that your personal data protection rights have not been respected, you can submit a complaint to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) by following the link:

Skillspotting has implemented and maintains high-level organizational and technical security measures to ensure the protection of your data. Nevertheless, if you are concerned that your Skillspotting account has been compromised (e.g. someone may have discovered your password), please contact us immediately so that we can help you preserve your privacy and thereby comply with the GDPR.

Skillspotting websites may contain hyperlinks to websites published and operated by third parties. These third-party websites have their own privacy policies and may also use cookies. We therefore invite you to consult the relevant policies. They will govern the use of personal data you submit when visiting these sites, which may also be collected by cookies that may compromise your privacy and contravene the GDPR. We assume no responsibility for the privacy practices of such third-party sites, and use of such sites is at your own risk.

How do we use your data?

Skillspotting is the publisher of the Skillspot™ platform dedicated to skills mapping, analysis and management. It feeds our customers’ organizational systems and processes with qualitative, structured and up-to-date data in real time.

The websites and applications offered by Skillspotting are managed and operated in Switzerland in accordance with this Policy, in compliance with Swiss legislation on the protection of personal data and with the RGPD, which guarantee you a number of rights over your personal data. The personal data collected for the purposes of the processing operations carried out by Skillspotting are not transferred to countries that do not benefit from an adequacy decision issued by the European Commission.

Skillspotting is committed to protecting personal data and makes every effort to provide a reliable and secure service within its sphere of influence.

Skillspotting is not responsible for the data protection policies or practices implemented by third party websites mentioned on Skillspotting websites and applications. We therefore invite you to read the data protection policies of these other sites, in order to understand how they collect, use and share your data.

Use of information collected by Skillspotting

  • Information collected on Skillspotting websites and via Skillspotting applications may be shared worldwide, in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, with persons accessing these websites and applications.
  • Our matching system enables Participants to create a skills profile. The profile works like an intelligent agent, identifying jobs in our database that match your criteria. When a suitable job or position becomes available, our system will inform you.
  • Unless the Participant objects when exercising his/her rights, Skillspotting will use his/her contact details to send him/her emails or other communications concerning him/her.

Collecting and storing information

Data collected for our legitimate interests :

  • In some areas of its websites or applications, Skillspotting asks you for personal information such as your first and last name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, contact information, and other information that may reveal your identity. In all cases, Skillspotting clearly indicates whether or not data must be provided in order to use the proposed service.
  • For internal statistical purposes, Skillspotting may collect certain data concerning the use of its platform, in particular the IP address and type of Internet browser used, as well as the access time to the areas visited.

Data collected for the performance of a contract :

  • By using Skillspotting websites and applications to consult or send data to our database matching their skills with a job profile, Participants will provide personal information that Skillspotting will process in accordance with the previously accepted general terms and conditions of use of the platform.

If the Participant provides information about a person as a reference, it is the Participant’s responsibility to obtain that person’s consent.

Due to Skillspotting’s automated backup process, all data is kept for a maximum retention period of two (2) years.

Modification or deletion of data

The Participant may at any time modify or delete the personal data he has deposited on the Skillspotting applications.

All you have to do is log in to your account, view your details and, if you wish, modify them using the options provided, or delete your account. However, due to the automation of the backup process, the final deletion of data will only be effective after a period of two (2) years.

The Participant may also, at any time, exercise his/her rights relating to the limitation, opposition and portability of the personal data he/she has transmitted by sending a request to

For further information, please contact

Communication to third parties

Skillspotting does not disclose to third parties personal data, personal data combined with demographic information, or any information concerning the use of Skillspotting websites and applications (e.g. areas visited), except in the circumstances set out below:

  • if authorized by the Participant,
  • if required by law or legal proceedings,
  • at the request of a government agency or supervisory authority.



When you visit our websites or applications, we inform you that cookies are stored on your computer, cell phone or tablet. Our sites are designed to be particularly attentive to the needs and expectations of our participants and customers. This is one of the reasons why we use cookies for navigation purposes and to optimize and personalize our site services.

What is a cookie?

Skillspotting uses cookies or performance cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer when you visit our site or view an ad. Their main purpose is to collect information about your browsing on the sites and to provide you with personalized services, as well as to improve the operation of these sites and analyze their use. On your computer, cookies are managed by your web browser, which will send information back to the originating site (e.g. a session identifier, choice of language or date).

For the duration of the cookie’s validity, cookies enable status information to be stored when a browser accesses different pages on a website, or when the browser returns to the website at a later date.

Only the sender of a cookie can read or modify the information it contains.

The different types
cookies :

During your browsing on our sites, various types of cookies may be stored directly on your computer or be subject to your consent. The purpose of these files differs according to their type:

Performance and tracking to continually improve its Platform in order to provide a responsive online experience.

Personalization to facilitate access to the Platform, so that the Participant can view the home page and the language of his/her country.

Functional to provide access to optimal services using the Participant’s profile. Technical cookies cannot be disabled.

Accept or decline cookies

A “cookie” records information about your computer’s browsing on our Site (the pages you have visited, the date and time of your visit, etc.) which we can read on your subsequent visits. A cookie does not allow us to identify you.

In this context, we inform you that the use of the Skillspotting website and applications may require the use of “cookies”.

You can choose to disable cookies at any time, systematically on all browsers, or choose which cookies you accept depending on the sender. You can also set your browser to accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis before they are installed. Your browser can be set to notify you when cookies are stored on your computer, and you can prevent cookies from being stored, in whole or in part, by modifying your browser options as follows: (CNIL recommendations).

Please note that for technical reasons, disabling cookies may restrict access to our website, for which we cannot be held responsible.

Also, when you object to the installation or use of a cookie, a refusal cookie is installed on your terminal equipment. If you delete this refusal cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having refused the use of cookies. Similarly, when you consent to the installation of cookies, a consent cookie is installed. Consent or refusal cookies must remain on your terminal equipment.



Skillspotting respects the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination on grounds such as marital status, pregnancy, gender, nationality, membership of a national minority, ethnic or social origin, religion or belief, political or other opinion, membership of a trade union or political party, disability, age or sexual orientation. This information is not taken into account when calculating the match between jobs and profiles in our applications.