Skills are one of the keys to your company’s performance, and at Skillspotting we help you to reveal, develop, diversify and transform your organization to enable you to achieve your goals.


Find the talent that best matches your needs today and tomorrow, and maximize your growth with a recruitment or mobility process that takes into account your company’s culture and your managers’ expectations.


Make your business sustainable by developing your people. Discover hidden skills, strengthen interpersonal and technical skills, foster innovation, increase employee satisfaction and retention.


Enhance the richness of your company by intelligently reinforcing the diversity of your team and manager profiles. Shift your corporate culture towards more sustainable performance for the benefit of all, improve attractiveness, retention and satisfaction.


Keep your company on course with effective integration of new employees. Find out how to reduce productivity time, improve employee retention and satisfaction, strengthen corporate culture and foster diversity and inclusion.

To meet these challenges, we offer customized services


We analyze the skills of your key people to identify their strengths and propose development plans.


We support your employees and teams in their development, helping them to achieve their goals in the long term.


We offer experiential training to accelerate and manage the skills development of your managers and their teams.


We design organizational transformation programs (culture, structure, change management and knowledge management).

All our services benefit from
Skillspot technology and various Emilee solutions
This enables us to offer you considerable benefits, including more accurate skills assessment, personalized services and effective measurement of progress in professional skills.


White paper - Systemic management

The metamorphosis of leadership

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The acceleration of the multiple transformations we are currently experiencing, whether societal, economic, demographic, political or cultural, has highlighted a number of essential and obvious questions, such as the meaning of work and the importance of enlightened leadership. Obvious questions for everyone? Not always!

Here you’ll find some answers to help you better understand the transformations taking place, and how you can play an active part in them, pragmatically and effectively. Enjoy your reading.


HR Data Lake

HR Data Lake

At the Datatrends 2021 trade show organized by T2i, we had the pleasure of leading a workshop on the theme of putting people at the heart of your organization’s success. With Data at the heart of this event, it was only natural that Skillspotting was invited to present its CBC (Competency Based Costing) model, which enhances Organizational Resilience and agility in the dynamic budgeting of transformation projects.

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