In 2014, we founded Skillspotting S.A. with the conviction that human capital is one of an organization’s most valuable assets. As such, it deserves to be assessed and developed on an ongoing basis, in direct relation to corporate strategy and operational needs.

Our team brings together multi-disciplinary expertise in corporate strategy, management, HR assessment and development, data science and technology, to take a holistic view of all the factors that have a lasting impact on performance.

Together with our customers, we design and implement human and technological solutions to meet the challenges of transforming organizations. We draw on the most authoritative research, the most robust methodologies and technologies to deliver our mission on a daily basis: to consolidate organizational resilience by supporting the deployment of best management practices and fostering talent development.

Sylvain Mossière, Co-founder and Managing Director.

Sylvain Mossière

Co-founder, General Manager
Member of the Board of Directors

Nicolas Quoëx

Programs and Methods Manager

Céline Benoit-Jeannin

HR Consultant
Project coordination

Vincent Keller

Chairman of the Board

Tanja Wranik

Analysis and
decision-making solutions

François-Emmanuel Cappus

HR Development

Dominique Ben Dhaou

Board member
HR Strategy Consultant

Eric Harth

Technical – PO