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Jun, 2018

The employee experience: an integrated approach in skills management

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Let’s talk about HR. The leading agency in editorial and digital marketing dedicated to HRDs and their partners, published last April the first national employee experience survey seen by more than 1000 HR playmakers. Just as strategic today as customer experience, it is a notion paradoxically well-known but seldom put into practice. The deployment of a skills management program can allow you to change this trend!

Talbeau des statistique de l'experience collaborateur en anglais

A concept that is gaining popularity

As summarized by Thomas Chardin, HR marketing expert and creator of Let’s talk HR, “Employee experience refers to the employee’s overall perception of his experience within the company, from recruitment until the end of the contract throughout his day-to-day work and his career in the organization.”

Inspired by client experience, employee experience is a very useful tool to increase a business’ attractiveness and to retain its talent. In fact, 71% of the HR players questioned are conscious of this strategic tool. Improving performance and work life quality, and promoting company attractiveness are for them the 3 main objectives of the employee experience:

Well known but rarely utilized

Even though it is well perceived, 73% of companies haven’t yet put into place a system to improve their business’ employee experience.

Tableau de statistiques sur l'experience collaborateur en anglais

“The employee experience is not just about the well-being at work or the quality of the premises,” says Corinne Samama, executive coach and author of Employee Experience: Make your employees the biggest fans of the company!“It needs to be about the managerial culture and the facilitation of work“.

homme d'affaire qui tient entre ses doigts un coeur rouge en tissu

Enhancing the employee experience

Many conduct internal investigations, that usually appear quite limited. The deployment of a skills based management allows for the integration of employee experience that combines candidate experience (during sourcing and selection) and worker experience (integration into the company, training and mobilisation). As we pointed out in a previous article, it is to be expected that individuals change departments or companies to pursue their professional goals. As such, the employee experience takes on a strategic dimension: in the short term, the ability of a manager to improve the employability of his team leads to increased performance; in the medium term, employee loyalty is strengthened; in the long term, even people who have left the organization continue to be ambassadors valuing the company’s image.

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