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Competencies to drive success

To meet the needs of companies and Talents in motion, we have designed and created Skillspot™, a unique dynamic skills management technology.

Skillspot™ allows you to identify, cultivate and grow specific skills for your company. For Talents, Skillspot™ offers a simple way to make an inventory of all their skills and to express their soft skills to better position themselves in a company.


Skillspotting brings together professionals from Management, Human Resources, the Web and HR Information Systems who share the same ambition: to enable everyone to feel good in their organization. We provide methods and tools to develop Skillfulness as a master key to success for fast moving companies and challenged businesses. →Meet the team

For everyone to bring performance

Skillspotting provides simple and pragmatic solutions to let methods and practices evolve. Skills are becoming harder to find, digitalization is shaking up habits, Skillspotting gives you the means to understand and respond to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges”


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