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Skillspot™, our dynamic skills gap analysis engine provides strategic data in real time.
Leaders, managers and HR managers, increase the performance of your decision-making processes and prepare your company to face change.


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To recruit and grow their company’s talent, our clients use Skillspot™, our dynamic skills management solution, and rely on our team of HR experts.

  • We knew some of the candidates, since the recruitment was open internally. It was very interesting to see them ranked by a machine that was supposed to evaluate them in a completely objective way, and to see their ranking in relation to candidates who applied externally. There was a real difference between our perception of these people and the scientific reality.

    A. Popovic,
    HQ Recruitment Coordinator at the ICRC

  • La solution innovante Skillspotting permet tant à l’entreprise d’envisager une gestion proactive de ses compétences au-delà de ses limites organisationnelles, qu’à l’individu talentueux d’ouvrir un « Océan bleu » dans la mise en valeur de sa trajectoire et de son développement professionnel.

    J-F. Probst,
    Responsable des Compétences Métiers, SIG

  • They appear to have cracked a part of the HR process, giving back to managers a HR tool they can understand and use. This is exactly what we will be needing at IdeaLAB here at CERN.

    M. Nordberg,
    CERN IdeaLAB Project Director

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La métamorphose du leadership

The acceleration of the multiple transformations we are currently experiencing, whether societal, economic, demographic, political or cultural, has brought to the fore a number of essential and obvious questions, concerning for example the meaning of work and the importance of enlightened leadership. Obvious questions for all? Not always!

You will find here some answers that will help you to better understand the transformations that are taking place and how to take an active part in them, in a pragmatic and efficient way. Enjoy your reading.

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