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Skillspotting S.A.
Humanism and technology at the service of Competency Based Management

Skillspotting brings together professionals from a variety of fields, all with humanistic values based on the realities of the workplace. Carried by their conviction of the strategic importance of the human heritage at the heart of each company, our team of experts will know how to guide you in the deployment of an optimal global strategy.

We’ve developed Skillspot™ an innovative technology and a precise methodology for dynamic skills management: measure precisely and visualize clearly the gaps, in terms of skills, between the needs of your organisation and the talents it already possesses. Whether you are a manager, a human resources professional or a collaborator, we will help you make good decisions!

Skillspotting is a premium partner of the EUTAS european network

Sylvain Mossière, Co-founder and Managing Director.

The Team

Sylvain Mossière

Co-founder, Managing Director
Member of the Board

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Nicolas Quoëx

Head of Programs & Methods

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Céline Benoit-Jeannin

Customer Success Management

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Olivier Fondeville

Project Management & Operations

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Tanja Wranik

Data Analytics & Psychometrics Management

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Christophe Schindler

Finance Management

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Nour Nechniche

Front-End development & Design

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Laurent Le Diagon

Digital Marketing Coordination

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The Board

Rémy Siegrist


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Jean-Marc Rossy


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Let’s grow up together

At Skillspotting, we build a culture where extraordinary people (like you) can give their best.

If you’re ready to develop your career and help our customers grow, you’ve come to the right place!

To carry out our activities,
we are based on fundamental values

Corporate Social Responsibility


Supporting seniors

We make our technology available free of charge to Senior+, an association that supports senior citizens back to work.


A unique integration programme

For anyone wishing to identify their strengths and key competencies, develop their 2.0 profile and professional network. The Lab offers a framework, tools and methods to better understand employers’ expectations and prepare to meet their needs.

Ask for a speaker, panellist

Would you like to invite a Skillspotting expert to speak at your event on topics related to management and human resources?

Please send us your request.
Our experts are used to speaking at events or in front of the media and will be able to intervene to take part in a panel or present a keynote.

Download our White Paper

Patrimoine Humain, actif clé de la performance – French only 😉

In this white paper, we have concentrated elements gathered over the course of numerous studies which show that company performance is largely the result of human performance. In addition to the definition of “Human Assets”, you will also find a methodology for deploying skills-based management based on the best practices implemented by our clients.