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Feb, 2018

3 Head of Finance for the Red Cross

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Founded in 1863, the International Committee of the Red Cross comes to the aid of individuals affected by armed conflicts and upholds international humanitarian law. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, it employs some 16,000 people in more than 80 countries.

For the international organization, the challenge was significant: four positions to be filled at the same time and in the same division. To select the most appropriate candidates, the ICRC Recruitment Division chose to use Skillspotting to fill the two senior, highly qualified positions.

Upstream: A close-knit collaboration

The HR consultants at Skillspotting first established, in partnership with their ICRC counterparts, a series of twenty technical skills in management, finance and business, outfitted with a panel of fifteen soft skills[1]. Around eighty candidates were then registered into the system and the Skillspot algorithm posted around fifteen profiles for each position (Head of Corporate Financial Controlling / Head of Field Financial and Administrative Controlling). With the recommendations from the experts at Skillspotting, ten made it to the short list.


 A fair and scientific candidate selection

The Skillspot technology makes it possible to create a map that is at the same time wide, since it crosses all the skills categories, and very precise. The dimension of “self-assessment”, absent from traditional CVs, makes all the difference here.

For the behavioral aspects to become apparent, the Skillspotting team then conducted interviews with each of the pre-screened applicants before they were contacted by the ICRC HR department.

un homme d'affaires touche une paire d'échelles virtuelles pour équilibrer une équipe de travail composée d'une femme et d'un homme

Better use of recruitment time

In a company of this scale, processes are generally very slow, and the issue of speed was therefore considered.

Skillspot’s powerful matching and mapping system, which quickly eliminates inappropriate applications, has provided recruiters with the opportunity to focus on interviews: “Instead of sorting CVs, which was done by the machine, we were able to invest our time differently: it was nice to focus only on the best profiles and only work on the qualitative to analyze the profiles in depth, “says Aleksandra Popovic, HQ Recruitment Coordinator at International Committee of the Red Cross.


The recruiter’s perception in the face of the scientific reality

The two vacant positions required excellent knowledge of the inner workings of the ICRC. As the organization is also in an important phase of development that already requires upskilling with the existing staff, recruiters chose to favor internal applicants. “We knew some of the candidates, since the recruitment was open internally. It was very interesting to see them ranked by a machine that was supposed to evaluate them in a completely objective way, and to see their ranking in relation to candidates who applied externally. There was a real difference between our perception of these people and the scientific reality. It was also very interesting to compare these two populations [internal and external], ” notes Aleksandra Popovic.


More than just a tool: a global offer

With the help of Skillspotting, the ICRC benefited from the installation of a powerful tool, but also the expertise from seasoned senior consultants. “With our long experience in the field of assessment and development-centers and in the supporting of managers in general, we have many tools at our disposal and can easily decode the different types of operations while coaching individuals being assessed, “says Nicolas Quoëx, senior HR consultant at Skillspotting. This added value made the ICRC recruiters particularly understanding: “We thoroughly enjoyed the process: we felt supported and guided by professionals. We very much appreciated Skillspotting’s assessment of candidates in one-to-one meetings, which made it even more interesting for the interns to compare our different assessments. This is their strength: they are also HR professionals who know how to evaluate people, they are not there to simply sell a tool. ”


A goal reached … and exceeded!

The optimization of the recruitment process carried out by the Skillspotting team resulted in the hiring of an additional person, enabling us to respond almost instantly to an additional need: “From the pool of candidates selected by Skillspotting, we found more than what we needed, since instead of recruiting only two positions, it allowed us to fill a third, ” enthuses Aleksandra Popovic.


Like the ICRC, put your trust in Skillspot and our management specialists skilled in tailor-made recruitment …



We felt supported and guided by professionals.We very much appreciated Skillspotting’s assessment of candidates (…). This is their strength: they are also HR professionals who know how to evaluate people, they are not there to simply sell a tool.

Aleksandra Popovic, HQ Recruitment Coordinator at the ICRC

Project Summary


Client: International Committee of the Red Cross

Sector: humanitarian aid

Region: 80 countries in the world

Website: https://www.icrc.org

Mission: recruitment of 2 senior positions

Consultant: Skillspotting


Implementation: 3 weeks, from the outlining of the positions to the finalization of the interviews (with many exchanges between Skillspotting and the ICRC).


Key benefits: optimization of the recruitment process, fair and scientific selection of candidates, structured interviews conducted by the experts at Skillspotting, time saved to focus on the core of the recruitment process.


[1] Behavioral skills

Crédits : Jakub Jirsak@123rf.com et Leo Wolfert@123rf.com