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Sep, 2017

HR Trends 2017: the Deloitte study decrypted by Skillspotting 2/3

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In our second issue focusing on the study published by Deloitte on the tendencies in the domain of human resources, let’s see what the firm recommends in terms of collaborative experience, performance management and human resources indicators.

Moving towards an efficient and global collaborative experience

  • Adopt a networked team structure: companies need to adopt a new approach that brings together players and collaborators and allows them to build together.
  • Move towards dynamic management: from the directors to the teams, all levels must work together and revise their way of functioning and their leadership.
  • Deploy a dynamic skills management tool: developed in collaboration with human resources, managers and collaborators, this tool must allow for the creation of ecosystems.
  • Opt for a medium to long-term vision: the business strategy, as well as the financial and human aspects will all be aligned with the HR strategy.
  • Building a global collaborative experience: the time has come to stop separately managing attractiveness, loyalty, development and consolidation within the corporate culture.


collaborative experience

Performance management: the revolution is happening

  • Importance of feedback: facilitating a recurring discussion on the abilities and skills of each collaborator has become a necessity in order to continuously monitor progress.
  • Simplification of processes: streamlining apprenticeships, promotion and internal mobility must be prioritized, as well as the construction of new indicators.
  • Favoring the efficiency of teams: performance management must focus on the ability of each person to progress, which implies focusing on the development and the progress of each individual (and not on their gross results).


performance management

New HR indicators to change the aspect

  • Why new indicators? In order to get a better understanding of HR challenges and the concrete action plans needed to develop the future of the organization.
  • Rethinking dashboards: In order to better discern the actions that must be deployed by means of the global HR strategy and its associated processes, all the while providing additional levers of action to managers and their employers.
  • Pilot the deployment of a new organization: these new indicators will make it possible to move from a logic of gathering information in the field to one of providing real-time, relevant information in order to help collaborators and managers in their efforts.


HR indicators

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