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Sep, 2017

HR Trends 2017: the Deloitte study decrypted by Skillspotting 1/3

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Deloitte, one of the top four auditing and consulting firms in the world, has recently published their yearly report on the major tendencies in the domain of human resources. This fifth edition, baptised “Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age”, provides a concrete and comprehensive inventory of current and future developments in human capital management. Discover this reputable firm’s recommendations, based on feedback from more than 10 000 HR managers and business leaders in the world, of which, more than 300 from France.

The world is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Unfortunately, the chasm between technological advances and the adaptations made by companies is getting larger: it is becoming urgent for leaders and HR departments to focus on career strategies, employee engagement and the creation of ecosystems in order to reinvent themselves, both individually and collectively. Which platforms will connect the different players? Which tools should be used to build effective action plans that match the expectations of a company and meet the needs of each of its stakeholders?

⇒ Focus will be put on the first three key points in the study.

Organization of the future: increasing agility

  • The current hierarchical structures are going to be replaced by teams working on projects within networks, while incorporating internal and external personnel.
  • These new systems require a revision of the current management methods and leaders’ profiles (their ability to quickly put together effective project teams).

Processes need to be simplified by providing tools that provide a clear and synthetic vision of each individual’s technical and behavioral skills.

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 Career and training: meeting the needs of tomorrow

  • The creation of a culture of development has become crucial. Organizations must allow for the reinforcement and acquisition of new skills (missions, projects).
  • The management of human heritage is a highly strategic issue that requires novel career management solutions incorporating innovative development programs.

In the face of many technical skills becoming obsolete and conveniently available online, it is preferable to focus on “deep” skills (cross-functional and behavioral), that remain relevant and useful for projects

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Skills acquisition strategy: putting the human back into the equation

Implementing technologies and codes from the new generation, developing data analysis to make sound decisions, while reinforcing the strength of the candidate: such are the challenges that employers must overcome to maintain their reputation.

  • With all the progress made in the digital world that has demolished all boundaries and increased transparency, technological tools must streamline talent mobility

Moreover, companies are changing their selection methods: in the past they were looking at references, and today they are looking to corroborate the skills possessed. Thus, it is indispensable that the new talent management tools connect various ecosystems, which are sometimes spread across the globe

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→ More than ever, HR departments must empower managers to become key players in the performance of their business, from hiring to professional development. A state-of-the-art technology that allows you to synchronize your HR actions with your company’s strategy and experienced professionals to accompany you in the deployment of your human capital: call Skillspotting to enter the era of the fourth industrial revolution in a serene and efficient way!

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