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Sep, 2018

The variety of company profiles: a performance guarantee

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Even though policies on diversity in the workplace have been in place in companies for over 10 years,  they still struggle at applying them. Anxiety in the face of change or fear of demotion in favor of a more "skilled"colleague halts leaders and managers, whose involvement at this level is fundamental … Learning to manage with confidence Fear - this is what we are dealing with. After all, why choose to hire a new employee that is not a perfect replica of its predecessor? It would be much to risky, [...]



Jun, 2018

The employee experience: an integrated approach in skills management

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Let’s talk about HR. The leading agency in editorial and digital marketing dedicated to HRDs and their partners, published last April the first national employee experience survey seen by more than 1000 HR playmakers. Just as strategic today as customer experience, it is a notion paradoxically well-known but seldom put into practice. The deployment of a skills management program can allow you to change this trend! A concept that is gaining popularity As summarized by Thomas Chardin, HR marketing expert and creator of Let’s talk HR, “Employee experience refers to [...]



Dec, 2017

Accommodating the expectations of employers and the wishes of employees: tomorrow’s real challenge

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ADP Research Institute®[1] conducted an online survey of more than 5000 employees and 3000 employers from companies with at least 50 employees, from 13 different countries. The result: a disconnect between the perception of employees and that of their managers in regards to recruitment, talent retention and management and company performance. More than ever, HR departments have their role to play in the evolution of the workplace 2.0… Employers struggle to find profiles matching the needs of their organisations. However, the result of the survey showed that in most companies, there’s […]