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Jan, 2021

Systemic leadership: 3 missions, 3 paradoxes, 3 postures and 12 skills

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Management in the 21st century is moving towards systemic leadership. This article invites us to reflect on how to move from hierarchical to systemic.   Today, managers in many organizations are taking a more systemic view of leadership. This implies knowing how to carry out three main missions: Three missions - strategic positioning (guiding and innovating) - work organization (structure and clarify) - performance management (motivate and accomplish)     To carry out these three missions, a leader must face three paradoxes. Three paradoxes First, he must take into account [...]



Oct, 2017

Managers: what are the key skills to success?

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In companies, managers are the backbone that connect employees to management, strategy to implementation and individual interests to collective interests. They contribute to making work meaningful by motivating each employee and supporting their development, by organizing the work, following up and mobilizing the global intelligence to achieve expected results. What are therefore the key skills that are required when you are in this position? Listening and communication dominate the HR Congress in the French-speaking regions. This congress, named “Meaningful work, the challenge of the 21st century”, welcomed 550 people in […]



Nov, 2016

Les 5 résolutions vitales pour les managers en 2017 2/5

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Chaque semaine, je vous propose une analyse, un visuel et des pistes pour passer l’obstacle sur les 5 thématiques suivantes : ⇒ Gérer son temps et son énergie ; ⇒ Créer des relations à forte valeur ajoutée ; ⇒ Grandir et faire grandir grâce au feedback ; ⇒ Comprendre et dépasser ses croyances limitantes ; ⇒ Accepter et encourager le développement de son équipe.  —————– Résolution n°2 : Connaître le “paradoxe IKEA”   Chaque jour, nous interagissons avec de nombreuses personnes : notre équipe, nos pairs, notre hiérarchie… dans cet échange quotidien à 360°, il y a des personnes avec qui tout […]