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Nov, 2020

Make the invisible visible

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Projects and competencies To deploy a company's strategy, everyone will agree that change must be structured. Different approaches and methodologies such as "Lean", "Agile" or "Scrum" have existed for a long time and have proven their worth. They are now effective supports for the proper conduct and execution of projects, but are there similar methodologies to manage the risks related to Human Capital? Any self-respecting project manager will start his project by validating the budget, the risks and the governance, just to name a few critical ingredients. According to Olivier [...]



Sep, 2019

L’Humanisme RH à l’honneur dans PME magazine

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Fondée en 2014, la société Skillspotting (ici Nicolas Quoëx, cofondateur) a développé un logiciel de pilotage des compétences techniques et comportementales des employés. © Stéphanie Liphardt Mardi 10 septembre 2019 Par Mehdi Atmani ........ Le pilotage de compétences A Genève, l’entreprise Skillspotting a développé une solution performante pour contourner le problème. « Il s’agit d’un outil de management par les compétences qui va répondre aux grands enjeux de la fonction RH et aux défis plus généraux sur le marché du travail, explique Nicolas Quoëx, cofondateur de Skillspotting avec Sylvain Mossière. Le problème principal des [...]



Jun, 2018

The employee experience: an integrated approach in skills management

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Let’s talk about HR. The leading agency in editorial and digital marketing dedicated to HRDs and their partners, published last April the first national employee experience survey seen by more than 1000 HR playmakers. Just as strategic today as customer experience, it is a notion paradoxically well-known but seldom put into practice. The deployment of a skills management program can allow you to change this trend! A concept that is gaining popularity As summarized by Thomas Chardin, HR marketing expert and creator of Let’s talk HR, “Employee experience refers to [...]



May, 2018

Recruiting executives: the new rules of the game

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Many companies specialized in recruitment state that when it comes to the hiring of executives, the rules of the game have changed. Focus on this new situation, particularly through the analysis of Damien Créquer, co-founder and head of the Parisian recruitment consulting firm Taste. A transformation of the labor market   A stated in our previous article, «Together, let’s transform management», the rise of freelancing is one of the symptoms of the evolution of work. In fact, the freelance market is currently growing by a staggering 150%. For their part, [...]



Mar, 2018

Together, Let’s Change Management

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As outlined by Denis Pennel in his recent book “Work, the Thirst for Freedom: How Startuppers, Slashers, Co-workers Reinvent Work”, the rise in power of freelancing is one of the symptoms of the current evolution of work. The third and fourth industrial revolutions impact managers, who must put into place an in-depth transformation to mobilise the collective intelligence within their organization. Rethinking the work Per Denis Pennel, who denounces the tricks of a “padlocked wage earner”, the mindset needs to evolve so that employees from various backgrounds with different statuses [...]



Jan, 2018

2018 : 1 année pour réinventer le recrutement

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Trier des CV et des lettres de motivation vous fait perdre un temps précieux ? Vous peinez à recruter les talents dont votre entreprise a réellement besoin ? En ce mois de janvier, Skillspotting lance le programme “1 année pour réinventer le recrutement”. Comme nous l’explique Céline Benoit-Jeannin, Client Relationship Manager chez Skillspotting, vous avez tout à gagner à passer au recrutement 2.0… Pourquoi les DRH doivent-ils réinventer le recrutement ? C.B.-J. : « Forte de mes années d’expérience en tant que recruteuse, je connais bien la problématique du CV et de la lettre de […]



Oct, 2017

Shortage of Talent, Myth or Reality?

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According to a recent study from “France Strategie” difficulties in recruitment are linked to companies’ skills management plans, or a lack thereof. Is the stubbornness of the public authorities to support the training of candidates a mistake? Should the State not concentrate its resources on the development of skills management?   The “Skills Gap”, a Problem with Training or with Competencies? 150,000 to 250,000 jobs remain unfilled each year in France. According to the study “Talent shortages 2016” by Manpower Group, 23% of companies are affected by these recruitment challenges. […]



Sep, 2017

HR Trends 2017: the Deloitte study decrypted by Skillspotting 3/3

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To sum up our synthesis of the Deloitte study, today we want to focus on the prestigious firm’s recommendations pertaining to leadership, the functioning of digital HR and integration, as well as its vision concerning the nature of the work. Leadership Moving towards a digital organisation: the current leaders must enlist different skills than those of their predecessors to overcome today’s challenges (ever increasing rate of innovation, more thorough business transformations, digitalization of the economy). Mobilise and connect the ecosystems: to increase efficiency, the new leaders must focus on teamwork. […]



Sep, 2017

HR Trends 2017: the Deloitte study decrypted by Skillspotting 2/3

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In our second issue focusing on the study published by Deloitte on the tendencies in the domain of human resources, let’s see what the firm recommends in terms of collaborative experience, performance management and human resources indicators. Moving towards an efficient and global collaborative experience Adopt a networked team structure: companies need to adopt a new approach that brings together players and collaborators and allows them to build together. Move towards dynamic management: from the directors to the teams, all levels must work together and revise their way of functioning […]



Sep, 2017

HR Trends 2017: the Deloitte study decrypted by Skillspotting 1/3

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Deloitte, one of the top four auditing and consulting firms in the world, has recently published their yearly report on the major tendencies in the domain of human resources. This fifth edition, baptised “Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age”, provides a concrete and comprehensive inventory of current and future developments in human capital management. Discover this reputable firm’s recommendations, based on feedback from more than 10 000 HR managers and business leaders in the world, of which, more than 300 from France. The world is evolving at an ever-increasing […]