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Skillspot™ let you focus on relevant opportunities only, you are unique, so is your job ! 3 easy steps to build your profile :

Communicate your skills

Select your skills and evaluate yourself. We take into account not only the skills you acquired on the job but also those in other domains of your life.

Know yourself

Identify your preferences and let your personality shine. By taking the test, you increase your chances to find the right job.

Adjust your job preferences
  • your salary scale
  • your preferred working time
  • type of contract and mobility

Go further with your analysis !

So you’ve taken the Profilscan test on our Skillspot.me platform and you would like to go further ? Book your personalized 45 minutes coaching session with our HR experts to certify your profile and to know more about yourself.

Ask for your coaching session : Choose for a 45 minutes feedback (90.- swiss francs) or register for a coaching program, including a complete analysis of your Skillspot and Profilscan profile. The coaching program starts at 290.- swiss francs for a 2 hours session.

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