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Are you a Consulting firm, an IT Services and Engineering Company or more broadly a Company working in the area of Digital Transformation? Skillspot™ allows you to broaden your range of services and expertise. You offer your clients an in-depth analysis of the State of Competencies and can propose targeted solutions to secure their Business transformation process.

  • your company is driven by innovation
  • you have more than a dozen consultants
  • you want to stand out from your competitors

Skillspotting, publisher of the all-in-one skills-based management platform.

Our team brings together experts in business strategy, human resources, psychometrics, data sciences and information technology. They all consider that the sustainable performance of an organisation depends on its ability to develop the human capital it has at its disposal.

Our platform is an innovative solution for dynamic Human Capital Assessment, based on Skills and preferences. And because each of your companies is unique, Skillspot™  simply adapts to your needs and your organisation.