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Solution for Consulting & IT services firms

Skillspot™ assesses the risks and potential related to the Human Capital of an organization  :

  • Challenge strategic options
  • Building organizational resilience
  • Managing change and securing projects

Do you support your customers in the transformation and digitalization of processes or more globally in the strategic analysis?

We have developed Skillspot™ so that you can go even further with your customers.  By relying on the unified data and qualitative indicators of Skillspot™, you can offer your customers very high value-added analysis and management services.


strategic options

In a globalized market, driven by innovation, having a history and a market is no longer enough. In order to evolve, transform and even reinvent themselves, companies must be able to evaluate several strategic options. Each strategy requires a particular set of key-competencies. Skillspot Analytics allows measuring the capacity of an organization to implement different strategies.

Consolidate strategy

Accurately assess an organization’s ability to implement a strategy based on the Human Capital it has at its disposal (internal and external skills). Challenge an acquisition plan (M&A) in order to precisely identify opportunities and risks.

Advanced roles engineering

To make the organizational structure evolve by relying on evolving business repositories, maintained by experts. Define roles and functions dynamically, in a “common language” and thus anticipate changes in the business and their impact on skills.

Soft Skills at the heart of the transformation

Psychometric modules to measure preferences, values, agility and emotional intelligence to accelerate performance on key roles and validate the fit with the organisation’s culture.


the Organisational resilience

Defined as an organisation’s ability to anticipate and cope with change, Organisational Resilience is a strategic issue. Properly managed, Organisational Resilience enables the company to “accelerate in the midst of change” while reducing its operational, economic and human risks.

Mapping competences and identifying development potential

Dynamic skills inventory and management with interactive dashboards to identify the company’s future strategic and operational needs as well as the experts on which to rely for deployment.

Identify skills to be strengthened and visualize unexpected career paths

Real-time measurement of gaps between an employee’s skills and the company’s needs for synchronisation of business and HR strategies and increased employee experience.

Facilitating the sharing of expertise and linking a training catalogue to the needs of the organisation

Identification of development areas and training needs to ensure that the right training is given to the right person at the right time, also drawing on in-house experts.


changes and secure projects

Initiating and managing a transformation project means above all knowing how to identify, mobilise and coordinate the skills of a group. With Skillspot Pilot, managers benefit from tactical indicators directly derived from the strategy, to develop performance and engagement.

Understanding leadership styles

Identification of strengths and areas of progress for the development of situational and transformational leadership to sustainably mobilise teams.

Knowing and motivating your teams

Knowledge of the team’s skills portfolio and its complementarities for the immediate and adequate mobilisation of each of its members in order to deploy collective intelligence according to needs.

Creating a common leadership culture

Define the skills and behaviours expected for all managers. Aligning practices and identifying people with leadership potential in order to train them and manage the succession.

Our professional services for Consultancy Firms and IT Services and Engineering Companies

Skillspot™ certification

We certify your consultants in methodology and technology Skillspot™. You become a certified partner and benefit from special conditions.

Business Expertise

Our business experts support your sales and project teams, from pre-sales to project completion.

Data Engineering

Development of dynamic Skillspot™ Analytic dashboard to provide your customers with new strategic and tactical indicators.

Knowledge base

Access to the Skillspotting knowledge base, online support and experience sharing with the Skillspotters community.