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Large Corporates Solutions

Skillspot allows you to transpose the strategy in skills needs and identify gaps for :

  • Recruiting the right candidates for the right jobs
  • Developing employees’ skills
  • Strengthen and align managerial practices


the right candidates for the right jobs

With traditional recruitment tools, the selection of candidates is based on knowledge and achievements. However, studies show that the skills-based approach is the most reliable solution to ensure their successful integration into your company.

Conduct advanced data analysis

Dynamic candidate mapping with high-precision “matching” reports for high quality feedback or structured interviews

Defining / enriching my skills framework

Structured, dynamic and multilingual repository of more than 3,000 skills to clearly express profiles and needs, in the “professional vocabulary”.

Checking that candidates have the behaviour expected by the company and by management

Psychometric modules to measure behavioural preferences, motivations, values, problem-solving strategies and emotional intelligence for the best chances of successful recruitment.


the skills of the employees

To develop and maintain your competitive advantages, your company must be able to manage its Human Capital as closely as possible to its strategic needs. Skillspot™ provides you with the objective data you need to consolidate your decision making and enhance its impact.

Mapping skills
Identifying development potential

Inventory and dynamic piloting of skills with interactive dashboards to identify the company’s future strategic and operational needs

Identify skills to be strengthened and visualize unexpected career paths

Real-time measurement of the gaps between an employee’s skills and the company’s needs for a synchronisation of business and HR strategies and for a dynamic career management allowing each employee to become an actor in his or her own professional development.

Facilitating the sharing of expertise and the dissemination of best practices

Link your training catalogue to the needs of the organisation.
Identification of development areas and training needs to ensure that the right training is given to the right person at the right time by relying also on the company’s experts.


and align management practices

Skillspot™ provides your executives and managers with precise and objective elements to easily prepare a career, succession or mobility plan. Everyone can organise the work by building on the strengths of his or her team, motivate each employee by offering them tailor-made development and maintain alignment between the skills held and those needed to achieve the strategy.

Understanding your leadership style

Identify your development needs
Identification of strengths and areas for progress for the development of situational and transformational leadership enabling teams to be sustainably engaged.

Knowing and motivating your teams

Knowledge of the team’s skills portfolio for the immediate and adequate mobilisation of each of its members in order to deploy collective intelligence.
Ability to align the organisation’s needs and the employees’ wishes for development.

Creating a common leadership culture

Define the skills and behaviours expected of all managers
Detecting people with leadership potential in order to train them and to manage the next generation.
Facilitating the joint development of human and economic performance.

Our professional services associated with managerial practices

Assessment Center 

Thanks to the ecosystem of our Skillspot platform, we help you to select the best profiles by consolidating your decision making.

Development Center 

The Development Center method makes it possible to increase the employability of employees and sustainably improve the company’s competitiveness.


The first few weeks are decisive when taking up a job. Based on their competency profiles, a Skillspotting coach provides individual support to your employees.

HR Development 

The efficient organisation of a company requires both strategic and operational management of Human Capital. Designed and run by our HR experts, the HR training workshops deal with these subjects in a concrete manner and incorporate the latest developments.