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Born from recruiters, managers and job seekers cross-visions, Skillspotting brings together specialists from different horizons and domains. All of us share the same values of understanding, skillfulness and professionalism, inspired by people and companies who consider Human Resources as a real asset. Serving companies from the research, the industry, the placement services as well as Institutional agencies, we build long terms relations with our customers. As they improve their efficiency using our tools and methods, we learn from their changing needs and user experience to constantely improve our approach and technologies.

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Sylvain Mossière

Digital Humanist and Entrepreneur at heart, Sylvain managed complex projects for over 15 years. He thinks that talent is too precious to be wasted and that technology must serve the human kind, not the other way around. He designed the Skillspot technology to solve a part of the challenge HR Managers are facing today : setup and deploy people analytics, Competency based Management and Employer Branding.

CEO, Co-founder
  • Member of the Board
  • Role : Management, Products & Vision
  • Expertise : Management & Digitalization
  • Experience : SME’s & Large Corporations
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Rémy Siegrist

With over 20 years experience in HR Management, Remy skillspots in middle and senior management fields, coaching Executives, developing teams performance and cohesion. Remy builds long term relation with its customers, thanks to his integrity and his strong added-value to HR strategy and Corporate wellbeing.

  • Member of the Board
  • Role : Business Dev
  • Expertise : Assessment & Team building
  • Experience : Large Corporations
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Jean-Marc Rossy

Business Development Advisor and High-ranking executive with large HR corporations, Jean-Marc brings his extensive experience in the field to ultimately guide our action. Involved in mission critical decisions and operations in his previous and actual positions, Jean-Marc benefits from a solid experience in driving the business.

  • Member of the Board
  • Role : Business Development
  • Expertise : Networking & Partnerships
  • Experience : Large Corporations & SME’s
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Nicolas Quoëx

Master Coach certified by Dr Cayrol, Nicolas benefits from over 15 years HR Management experience in SME’s and large corporations. Impassionned by human behaviors in professionnals situations, Nicolas provides team building sessions, individual coaching and assessement centers. He is also an expert in competency framework design and responsible of our Skills framework engineering.

Head of Programs, Co-founder
  • Role : HR Services & process design
  • Expertise : Competency Based Management
  • Experience : Large Corporations & SME’s
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Tanja Wranik

Master in Business Communication, Doctor in Work and Organizational Psychology, specialization in Behavioral Finance and Economics. Certified Professional Coach, PCC, ICF. Tanja is a global leadership professional with over twenty years of experience in organizational and leadership development. She has also developed executive and post graduate education programs and teaches at several European Universities and Business Schools

Head of Business Intelligence
  • Role : BI Analytics & Design
  • Expertise : Change Management
  • Experience : Large Corporations & SME’s
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Christophe Schindler

Graduated with a Master degree in business administration, Christophe has more than 20 years’ management & operational expertise in accounting, finance, business planning, M&A, financing, taxes and project management. He has held senior positions in Finance for more than 15 years with national and European responsibilities in large corporations and SMEs. Christophe evolves in the staffing industry and is convinced that technology partnering with HR help anticipating critical business needs.

  • Role : Financial reporting & Strategy
  • Expertise : Accounting & Finance, Staffing
  • Experience : Large Corporations & SME’s
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Céline Benoit-Jeannin

With a strong experience in the staffing industry, Celine has a wide angle view of process and needs in SME’s. Customer satisfaction oriented, Céline is constantly looking for the most efficient solution.

Client Relationship Manager
  • Role : Clients relation & communication
  • Expertise : Staffing and Account Management
  • Experience : SME’s

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