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Sep, 2017

HR Trends 2017: the Deloitte study decrypted by Skillspotting 3/3

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To sum up our synthesis of the Deloitte study, today we want to focus on the prestigious firm’s recommendations pertaining to leadership, the functioning of digital HR and integration, as well as its vision concerning the nature of the work.


  • Moving towards a digital organisation: the current leaders must enlist different skills than those of their predecessors to overcome today’s challenges (ever increasing rate of innovation, more thorough business transformations, digitalization of the economy).
  • Mobilise and connect the ecosystems: to increase efficiency, the new leaders must focus on teamwork.
  • Additional key skills to develop: sharing, facilitating innovation and the subsequent management of the change involved, risk taking and enlisting the strength of the digital tools.
  • Change the perspective on training and promoting: opportunities for development must move away from the basic logic of training; by the same token, the identification of potential for leadership and the development of critical skills will allow for the emergence of leaders from within the company.




Objective of the digitalization of human resources: building the organization of the future

  • Actively take part in this process: global digitalization requires an active participation from all HR directors.
  • Implement a new culture of leadership: which will be built on the support for change, the ability to work within a network, the building of a novel work environment, the use of advanced digital tools and the consolidation of the experience of the collaborator and the candidate.
  • Easing the transition: human resources must reinforce their skills and position themselves as senior consultants in order to coach managers and collaborators during this transition.


digitalization of human resources


Diversity within their teams: for an increase in participation, innovation and efficiency

  • Increased sensitivity to the issue of diversity: career paths are multiplying and the consequences linked to age, continuous training and professional transitions are becoming more complex.
  • Promote the necessary transitions: while the concept of diversity remains a sensitive topic, managers and HR departments have a key role to play within the various companies who are still struggling to fully integrate this concept.
  • Changing the mindset in order to evolve: the ability to welcome and encourage varying points of view is becoming a key skill; the diversity of thought leading to a deeper dialogue is a source of innovation.


innovation and efficiency


Betting on the human factor to accompany change

  • Deep seeded mutations: the speed of connectivity and of the evolution of technology has drastically changed the nature of work; artificial intelligence has rendered possible many automations.
  • Human abilities are reassessed: soft skills are now at the heart of organizations’ concerns, who want to make the most of the transformations caused by artificial intelligence while monitoring the short and long-term impacts on employees and work in general.
  • An important challenge to overcome: this problem involves having a greater understanding of humans’ abilities, from their definition to their development and practice.


human factor to accompany change



  • Thanks to the technology developed by Skillspotting, coupled with the know-how of its collaborators, you can now deploy efficiently your human capital and enter peacefully into the era of the fourth industrial revolution!

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