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Nov, 2020

Make the invisible visible

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Projects and competencies

To deploy a company’s strategy, everyone will agree that change must be structured. Different approaches and methodologies such as “Lean”, “Agile” or “Scrum” have existed for a long time and have proven their worth. They are now effective supports for the proper conduct and execution of projects, but are there similar methodologies to manage the risks related to Human Capital?

Any self-respecting project manager will start his project by validating the budget, the risks and the governance, just to name a few critical ingredients. According to Olivier Fondeville, Operations Manager at Skillspotting,

In order to implement the company’s strategy and carry out transformation projects successfully while minimizing risks, managers also need to know if all the skills necessary for success are present in their teams. This is still too rarely the case!

Methods and tools

The exercise is perilous without an appropriate tool and a proven methodology, especially if one wants to integrate the evolving side of the employees’ skills. The inventory of skills in an organization is constantly evolving; it is a living, dynamic, even volatile raw material. It is essential to “capture” these skills and to make them evolve within the framework of new projects for example.

Our Skillspot skills gap analysis engine is a daily operational management tool, in addition to project management tools. It allows you to map the skills of a team or an entire organization at a given time. In addition, it reveals the potential – and the evolution of this potential – of the employees who keep their skills portfolio up to date.

For example, if a project is scheduled in six months, Skillspot allows you to search for talents within the company to form the project team. At the same time, we can also launch a communication to identify interested volunteers, validate that their skills profile is appropriate and identify any training to be provided.

Always keep in mind that the human factor is the first cause of failure in ambitious projects and that it is often underestimated.

Experts to support business transformation

Investing a few weeks to take a snapshot of the skills and critical factors of a company’s culture can avoid many financial and organizational setbacks during the execution of a strategic transformation project. Skillspot technology and methodology is mastered by our Partners, in Switzerland and in Europe, experts in strategic analysis, change management, digitalization and systems integration.

Skillspotting, makes the invisible visible.